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I love flowers, chocolate and adventures in big cities. I need music to fuel my days and lipstick to complete them. I am an endless romantic and adore people in love. 

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Mr. and Mrs. Combs – Batesville

It was a perfect day to get married! The hot July sun was no match for the gorgeous backyard lakeside ceremony. Family and friends gathered for an intimate celebration in true Tolkien style! The couple tied in their favorite novels into their wedding day, and oh how incredible it was! I felt like we were truly in a fairytale!

So many sweet and thoughtful momentos created by Kelly and Nick were graced around the Kelly’s childhood home. Their hand written vows containing their declaration of love to each other was my favorite. Every word was written together. Precise and adoring. It was magic to hear them recite the words that now bond them at their ceremony!

The bridesmaids gorgeous gold summer dresses were a dream! Such a perfect contrast to the vibrant and colorful bridal bouquet!

I often see a tribute to a family member that is no longer here on Earth with us to celebrate a wedding day. Nick’s mother, sweetly nicknamed Bee, was missed dearly but treasured none the less and close to his heart on his bumblebee necktie <3

Prayer is so important to Nick and Kelly, it was such a wonderful thing to witness their closest friends showing them love and honoring God before the ceremony.

Music is a large part of Kelly’s life, quite possibly her first love! 😉 So naturally lovely hymns were being played by a string quartet to guide guest to the lakeside ceremony. The notes floating around the water and into the wooded backyard created a surreal romantic atmosphere for the ceremony.

Worshiping together, the almost official husband and wife sang and prayed together during their ceremony, beginning their life as newlyweds praising God and thanking him for each other.

Brunch was made with love and served surrounded by flowers. Simply enchanting from the little details to the feast laid out for the guests enjoyment!

Wedding photos from the couple’s family lineage were placed around the backyard reception tent featuring the couples on their wedding day!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Combs! I loved celebrating and marveling in your love! You crafted a wonderful day that sums up your love for each other perfectly. Romantic and timeless with a little bit of old world charm! <3 Praying for a lasting romance that looks this happy everyday!