Emma McMahan

Emma McMahan

Dynamic, Romantic, Whimsical, Adventurous, Effortless 

The past nine years in the photography industry have been a whirlwind and it's my pleasure to share the journey with you! I am a midwest and destination, fine art photographer. I love florals and vintage finds. I have been into the elevated cottage core aesthetic all my life. I grew up playing make believe in summer gardens and wholeheartedly believed in fairies. I am a romantic through and through. A good love story will make me tear up every time. I am one bag packed away from traveling at all times and have a servants heart.   

Hi! I'm Emma.

Enneagram 3 and 2.
The achiever and the giver. 

I haven't grown an inch taller since elementary school, and I also love ice cream to a fault still. Somethings never change! 

When I am not shooting a wedding, portraits or creating imagery for a business, I likely can be found at some of my favorite local shops! I love Wild Fire Hygge Goods, Burlap and Birch, Scripted Studio and Flourish Home. I also love to frequent thrift stores and LOVE treasure hunting for new pieces! Since we moved into our home at the end of 2020, home decor has become a bigger hobby of mine! My favorite color is powder blue and forest green. I love serene peaceful tones. It has been so much fun creating a space that is completely us and feels like home. 

I will swoon over a spring peony. A good drama show or book and lit candles in every room is my go to on a stressful day. Lately my top Spotify playlists: Chill Pop, Disney Hits, For King and Country. My babies and I love music! Most of the time you can find me editing to love songs; it makes me feel like I am inside of a classic love story. <3  


I am a mother to two beautiful babies, Clara Everly and William James. My husband and I are high school sweethearts with a love story of our own that spans the globe. We've grown up together from teenagers in love, through college and military service, and now parenthood. <3 Aaron has been my best friend through it all, the good times and the bad. We have grown and learned that fairytale love stories in real life do not come easy, but are worth fighting for.  

I'm self taught in the art of photography. I studied a multitude of subjects before graduating from Miami University with a degree in Business Management. Every alternative I dared dream about led me right back to photography. It was a match made in heaven and I wholeheartedly believe that. 

  I am entering my 10th year in the photography industry, shooting over 100 weddings since 2013 and countless family/senior portraits! I pray everyday that I am doing God's work through my passion and I was amazed at how many lives have been entwined with mine over the last several years. I am humbled and thankful!

Meet my family

There is no one I would rather share this life with. He has been a wonderful addition to my business since 2019. Upgrading from assistant bag and prop holder over the years to second photographer at some weddings! I love having his perspective, and having my best friend work alongside me.

He is also making waves with Champions Do Overcome which is a local nonprofit supporting families of children with pediatric cancer. A cause that is near and dear to both of our hearts. I love his passion and heart for the things that drive him and when he is working with me at your event, you will love it too! 

Show choir brought us together, and still to this day we often break out in song and dance at home, with or without the little ones! 

Clara and William - our two sweet loves! 

Clara is the light of our life and brings so much joy to everyone she meets. She is spunky and outgoing, strong willed and simply amazing. 

William makes our family complete. He was everything we never knew we needed. He is sweet and gentle, always ready for a snuggle. He LOVES his big sister. 

my built in best friend, my sweet sister, Delaney!

You'll see her shooting weddings, portraits and events with me too!

She is an artist. A dreamer. A believer in what is good and right. She is nine years my junior and yet I look up to her in every way. Her passions for politics, art and music will take her places she can right now only imagine! I can feel it.

Laney is also a pro at modeling for me, and has spent far too much time letting me pose her and dress her up so that I could practice in the early days of me learning about this hobby that quickly turned into my passion. I am excited to now have her working alongside me!

Aaron and I met in high school, and while a lot as changed, we still are those two kids at heart.

I decided while I was in college to forgo my original plan to get a degree in social work and family studies, and change gears to a business degree and pursue photography full time. 

I started photography for fun in high school.

I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!

what I love the most 


My heart is living outside my body these days. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Harlow Jean

Our Harlow girl! She is the silliest, clumsiest, most love-able golden doodle ever. 

A wonderful scent 

Check out The ABC Market or Petals and Wicks! I could spend hours at Petals and Wicks creating my own personalized candle! My favorite thing about a beautiful aroma is the memory connected to it. 


I look at flowers and I can see how wonderful all of creation is. Flowers are a simple and gorgeous reminder to me of how much effort God has put into this temporary home for us.