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I love flowers, chocolate and adventures in big cities. I need music to fuel my days and lipstick to complete them. I am an endless romantic and adore people in love. 

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The Werners- Cincinnati Nature Preserve

Jenny and Joe have a love for the ages. They look at each other like their souls have been connected for much longer than a decade. I was very excited for their wedding day, spending the evening with them on their engagement session day was an unforgettable experience. Their love feels easy, effortless and endless. It is wonderful to be around them and see just a little glimpse of what that love must be like.

Jenny and her bride tribe got ready at Joe’s parents house which over looks a little creek in the woods. It’s a true gem of a hideaway. We were whisked out of Cincinnati and plopped into an atmosphere of a woodland fairytale.

I LOVE the color blue, and this dreamy color palette Jenny chose for her wedding day felt serene and timeless!

We arrived at the nature preserve and the enchantment of the day continued in the historic cottage on the grounds. Earth tones glowed in the fall sunlight we walked into the venue. We could smell the gorgeous flowers being prepared for the ceremony area. If it didn’t feel real to Jenny and the girls before hand, it definitely did when we saw her amazing bouquet!! She was gushing over the beautiful blooms, and so was I!!

When Joe arrived with his groomsmen in tow, the party begun! He was so excited to have his first look with his blushing bride. I think this was my favorite moment of the day. Knowing the anticipation they both were feeling and myself feeling equally excited for the two of them to finally see each other on their wedding day!

The ceremony area was prepped and quiet. With the rest of the bridal party doing some final touches before the I do’s, Joe and Jenny snuck away for their first look. Having this intimate alone time, with just us and the bride and groom is so important for a first look! The bride and groom loved having those moments alone to take in the day, enjoy being together and reminiscing on all that brought them to this moment.

We did finally retrieve the rest of the bridal party to join in our portrait fun! All of their closest friends and family dressed up for the occasion of watching the two people they adore get hitched!

It really is something special to capture the bonds created by a couple and their bridal party. I hope in 15 to 20 years they can look back at this day and feel how very loved they were and are by each of these individuals!

We spent the last few moments before guests arrived all together getting ready for the ceremony where Jenny and Joe would say their vows, and become at last husband and wife.

The decor for the day was ethereal. Simple and delicate. I loved the lush eucalyptus garlands! It really added to the venue that was already surrounded by woods and glowing light.

Once the guests had arrived and found their seats for the ceremony, soft music began to play and fill the tented outdoor area filling the room with warmth and emotion.

Joe and Jenny adore their family. It was heartwarming to see their genuine interactions with their loved ones, sharing on this day with them all the excitement and hope for the future.

There are some moments in a ceremony that take my breath away. Where I feel God’s presence. When Jenny and Joe and their guests were praying, a soft light filtered through the tent and touched were the bride and groom where standing. It was as if the blessing their officiant was praying for was answered right then and there. It was something magical.

Woo hoo!! I have never seen such a happy couple in love like the newly proclaimed Werners!! <3

The reception was kicked off by a fun introduction of the bridal party! Joe carried his beloved bride into the party, the sweetest gesture of how he will always be there from now on to lift her up and be by her side in their life together.

After a candle lit dinner, and traditional dances with their family, the dancing began! It was chilly outside as October was running for the full effect of autumn, but inside the tent was warming up with laughter, dancing and music! Jenny and Joe ended their night having the time of their lives with the people they treasure, and who adore them! It was a beautiful day. <3