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Emma McMahan

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I love flowers, chocolate and adventures in big cities. I need music to fuel my days and lipstick to complete them. I am an endless romantic and adore people in love. 

Welcome! I'm Emma!

The Kershaw’s


The Kershaw wedding day was so dreamy! Completely swoon worthy, and all because two amazing individuals fell in love! Dreamy colors, dreamy settings and more importantly a dreamy eyed bride and groom! 

 When we arrived for the day, the girls were all settled into their dressing room, listening to music and prepping for the day! Savannah was already stunning as she got ready to get into her amazing lace bridal gown. With her own hand lettered detailing adorning the vow books, gorgeous flowers from Two Little Buds and her adorable hand detailed shoes, I was in detail heaven!  

The day was filled with so many sweet emotional moments. The first look was my favorite. Brian patiently waited for his lovely bride to meet him on a beautiful tree lined road near their venue. The setting was quiet and peaceful. The love between the two was magnetic as Savannah walked to her husband to be. The moment the couple locked eyes for the first time for the day gave all of us chills, as tears filled their eyes and giant happy smiles spread over their faces.


Once the bridal party arrived, the fun had begun! This is such a fun and happy group- all who were so excited to celebrate with the couple they love!

As we left to head to the church, we had a few moments of August rain, which in Ohio can feel like a monsoon! The peaceful moments during the storm ended up being the perfect interlude from the bridal party fun, to the ceremony. Taking a few moments together, and with their close friends before the ceremony to pray, Savannah and Brian set the tone of their marriage. It was amazing to witness such love for each other, and for Christ. We even were blessed to hear the duo sing an worship together during there ceremony! The bond they share together is ever strengthen by their love of church and their relationship with the Lord.

Every little detail was thought of for the reception! From the adorable kids table, to the decadent donut spread! Gorgeous greenery graced every table, along with rose gold accents and hand lettered detailing crafted by the bride! Dancing the night away, the guests had a blast celebrating! The bride and groom even managed to sneak away for a few minutes to take in the amazing day that had unfolded. It was such a wonderful day!