The Hoying’s – Cooper Creek

David and Laura’s autumn wedding was absolutely gorgeous! I was in love with the way that they incorporated so many personal touches throughout the day! These two engineers have impeccable taste! With the venue of a refined golf club and garden adorned family church, we had a beautiful setting at every turn. The couple tied in their favorite colors into the wedding as well, seamlessly fitting into their October wedding day. From favors of golf tees to the bridesmaid’s handmade jewelry, every little detail was special to the newlyweds.

We had a wonderfully warm October day, the trees had just begun to change colors and fall was setting in. It was a romantic day to be married! Laura and David were so excited to see each other at the alter, and even more excited to celebrate this awaited day with their family and friends. It is obvious how much they love and care for each other, but even more apparent was how much love is poured over them by the ones who love them most! Everyone was buzzing with excitement from getting ready to the swing dances at the reception!

November 9, 2018

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