Emma McMahan

Emma McMahan

lifestyle + portrait photography

based in hamilton ohio

I love flowers, chocolate and adventures in big cities. I need music to fuel my days and lipstick to complete them. I am an endless romantic and adore people in love. 

Welcome! I'm Emma!

The Caron’s

Morgan and her long time best friend Nathan, were wed on December 29th 2017 at her family home. Nathan is a Airman and Morgan an photographer, artist and barista! This sweet duo were such fun to photograph on their visit home from New Mexico this fall!  Their sweet love for each other was so touching! I was thrilled to be at one of Morgan’s favorite places to shoot (mine too!) Ault park was such a romantic location for their session. 
Even though it was an extremely warm day for the season and we were literally being eaten alive by mosquitoes, Nathan and Morgan laughed through it all! With charming words spoken between them, the two had a chance to have some moments remembering the day they married, and all that had gotten them to this point.  For fun, we brought a lovely bouquet to use for the session to recreate their wedding day feel. Kroger florals doesn’t disappoint in a pinch!  This is my most favorite photo from their session, the sun was starting to set and the goregous wild flowers were still in bloom in the gardens. I would have  It was so much fun to have the park, what felt like, to our selves! The day was just beautiful, and so perfectly timed for the pair to have a wonderful evening enjoying each others company and reflecting on their first year as husband and wife.