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Emma McMahan

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I love flowers, chocolate and adventures in big cities. I need music to fuel my days and lipstick to complete them. I am an endless romantic and adore people in love. 

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Tayler and Colton

Growing up, Colton was always a dreamer. He is ambitious, passionate, and cares for everyone he meets. He was perfectly matched with Tayler, who shares these qualities and adds in a taste of adventure, a nurturing heart and a such beautiful grace! They are a duo to be reckoned with, and this day was a long time coming. I had the honor of photographing the couple two years ago when their relationship was rather new. And even then they knew in their hearts that they would one day be standing next to each other surrounded by their friends and families saying “I do.”

Getting ready in a little loft  at the church above where their vows would take place, Tayler was buzzing with excitement as she prepped and got ready for the big day. With all of her girls there to sing Disney songs with her, she stepped into the most beautiful gown! Ruffled and feminine, it was the perfect contrast to her Kate Space glittering Ked’s! Rose gold accents complemented the pair’s wedding rings and blush, navy and burgundy dresses were the perfect color combo for their vibrant June wedding. After the details were shot, the dress was on, and the bride was just about ready to head off to her first look with her groom, we took a moment to take in the morning and the events ahead with a prayer for the newlyweds to be.

The fellas spent their afternoon at the Roosevelt Room, looking very dapper! Celebratory drinks were shared and cheers were had by all as they excitedly chatted about the evening ahead. Colton along with his father, brothers and close friends were decked out in the wedding colors, complete with my person favorite accessory of the day, floral ties! Hand crafted sheet music boutonnières were the perfect touch to tie in the couples love of the arts!

First looks are always a favorite part of the wedding day for me! This was no exception! You would feel the excitement in the air as Colton waited at the roof top garden for his bride! Tayler practically sprinted up the stairs to see her future husband! Hiding in the trees, we waited for the two to first lay eyes on each other. As Colton turned to see the love of his life, instant tears were formed, by all of us!

Joining after the first look was the entire bridal party, made up of friends, relatives and siblings! We had a blast chatting and enjoying the company for the bridal party photos, hurrying to get inside where it was cool before the storms hit us! 

 Just a few short minutes before the down pour reached us, Tayler and Colton spent some time together before the festivities were to begin. With the fun modern backdrop of the Liberty Center, the couple had the best of both worlds for their portraits! Urban and sleek architecture and whimsical garden scenes.

Once back at the church, we peeked into the gym turned ceremony and reception venue. The couple and their families spent hours transforming the multipurpose room into a glittering romantic setting. The guests were seated and soon the music began. All Disney songs and all of Tayler and Colton’s favorites! Heartfelt vows were shared and the ceremony showed us all just how perfectly made for each other the bride and groom are!

Guests had so much to look forward to for the night! Coffee with all the fixings were stationed just outside the room, along with all the breakfast pastries and desserts you could ever want! The couple are so thoughtful, that they had hand chosen personalized coffee mugs for each attendee as well. Live music and speeches given by the best man and maid of honor were so special and fitting for this music loving pair. Soon all were on the dance floor, celebrating the newlyweds! Later in the evening, the bridal party and newly pronounced husband and wife stepped outside to end the evening with a sparkler exit. It was a beautiful day, full of love, laugher and many blessed moments. I can’t wait to see where this life takes The Jackson’s!