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I love to tell stories. To me, each event I attend and capture, and every individual I have the honor to work with has a story to tell that is worth telling. These stories are better seen than heard, and oftentimes I find the magic moments that otherwise are too fleeting to remember. That is why I fell in love with photography in the beginning and still to this day is what brings me the most joy in my business. Memorializing stories in imagery to last decades.  

Welcome! I'm Emma!

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Photographing Weddings and Lifestyle Portraits sessions are more than just a job for me! I love telling the stories of the couples, families, businesses and individuals that I work with. Traveling is an added perk, I love exploring new places! One of my favorite things about my business is how I have been able to turn a passion for art into a living where I continually am blessed to meet new faces, reconnect with familiar ones, and see love in news aways with every click of my camera. You will see through the sessions and events on this blog how love grows in unique ways. How people change for the best year after year. And also how I see the world around me. 

I started this journey when I was fresh out of high school. I didn't know how greatly my life would be impacted from capturing weddings and families. It has been such an honor to do so over the last decade. Being able to capture my hometown and surrounding areas has been such a treat for me! I LOVE Cincinnati and I am proud to claim the title of a Cincinnati Wedding Photographer. It is a tight but large community of creatives in this region. I am thrilled to work with the best of the best! You'll find some amazing wedding industry vendors linked in the weddings blogged here. Their work is so important to what I do, it isn't only photographs that matter at the end of the wedding day, although they may last the longest ;) 



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Nikki and Chris

Nikki and Chris, oh what a sweet couple! Meeting the two will  make you gush, they have that instant friends quality about them! Arriving at Nikki’s childhood home, I was greeted with a giant smile from the bride. She was already dolled up and full of anticipation for the day ahead. In her blush pink silk robe, Nikki already looked so stunning! The girls sat together as they added the finishing touches before stepping into their classic navy blue dresses for the day. Nikki’s mother was giddy as she helped her daughter into her princess-esc gown before we made our way to the church.

Waiting patiently at the church, Chris and his guys were busy getting ready for the big day themselves. Chris looking so dashing in his dark gray suit and navy tie! His mother helped him add the final touches of the blush pink boutonniere and give him a loving hug and a few words of wisdom before he met his bride at the alter.

Once at the venue, Nikki had a special surprise for her father when he arrived! Having not seen his daughter all dressed as a bride that morning, he was full of happy tears and sweet words for his girl! Soon the bridesmaids joined us outside before the summer storm hit,  and we gathered together for photos listening to the distant thunder, one of Nikki’s favorite summer sounds. It was such a romantic day!

Guests had made it in from the storm that was passing over, and all excitedly taking their seats in the sanctuary. More pops of blue and pinks were throughout the room. A slide show of the couples past photos played as Chris took his place in front to await his bride. Nikki and her father held on to each other for that destined walk down the aisle. Sweet vows where spoken and finally the two became husband and wife, dancing down through the guests at the procession in joy!

The bridal party met the newlyweds with such happiness! Congratulatory hugs were shared as we made our way outside for some photos together before the part began. The summer storm had left the field of grass at the church sparkling with dew and the trees were beautifully saturated. Nikki and Chris were so full of love and laughter as they spent a little time alone cherishing the ceremony that pronounced them husband and wife at last!

Once at the reception, the bridal party danced in, kicking off the mood of the night with such energy and good spirit. Nikki and Chris shared dances with their parents, both traditional and new as Nikki and her father broke out some pop moves after their heartfelt Italian song. The cake was cut, and the dance floor opened for the guests to bust a move and enjoy, which they did! Stepping outside as the sun started to set, the bride and groom shared some alone time together to take in their amazing day.

Chris and Nikki, thank you for allowing me to capture this incredible time in your love story! Congratulations!